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Micro Fiber
Mops, Dust Mops & Dust Cloths
Micro Fiber Cleaning Concepts
The Benefits of Micro Fiber Use

Reduces the risk of cross contamination by identifying use in different departments and surface areas.  Choose the right color for your cleaning procedure.

Micro Fiber Cleaning Benefits

Scoops & Traps Dirt
Can be laundered hundreds of times
Spreads product smoothly & evenly onto surfaces
Color coded options available
Lint Free
Holds 6-7 times its weight in Liquid
Moves easily across surfaces
Floors Dry Quicker

Micro Fiber Green Qualities

Micro Fibers have created a little revolution the cleaning world, its impact besides being LABOR SAVING & COST EFFECTIVE, is ENVIROMENTALLY FRIENDLY

Better indoor air quality is achieved by superior dust & dirt containment.  
Source reduction-less water & chemical usage.
Last longer than conventional products.

Using Micro Fiber materials to clean surfaces reduces the number of  bacteria by 99% while conventional cleaning materials only reduce this number by 33% 
Mops available in:
Sizes - Small, Medium & Large
Colors - BlueGreen & White
Dust Cloths available in:
Sizes - 12" x 12" & 16" x 16"
Colors - BlueGreenYellow & Red
Mop Pads Loop & Scrub available in:
Sizes - 18" x 5", 24" x 5" & 36" x 5"
Colors - BlueGreen & Red
Dust Mop Pads available in:
Sizes - 18" x 5", 24" x 5" & 36" x 5"
Colors - Blue Fringe w/ Gray Loops
Backing - Canvas or Velcro
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