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Skin Care Products
Lavender Dreams Foaming Hand Soap is a rich, high foaming soap that deep cleans your hands and leaves a smooth, soft feel.   All of the components of this soap are derived from renewable resources and are made with 100% Biodegradable ingredients.  The lavender oil has a calming effect, washing away the stress of daily life.  We have also added select emollients which help to keep your skin soft and smooth without leaving a residue.                     per gallon

Lavender Dreams Foaming Hand Soap

The rich velvety lather leaves the skin clean and soft. This mild hand soap is formulated with special skin care products and is pleasantly. Specifically for use in USDA Inspected Food Processing Establishments. This hand cleaner is fortified with PCMX as an aid in reducing skin bacteria, for thorough hygienic hand cleansing. U.S.D.A. Authorized (E1)  $ per gallon
Pink Economical
 per gallon
White Pearl Mango
 $ per gallon
Dial Antibac
 per gallon
Gallon Soaps
800ml  or 1000ml Soap Dispensers
Clear Antibac
 per pack
Pink Grapefruit
 per pack
Tidy Pearl White Mango
 per pack
Bar Soaps
.5oz Cashmere Bouquet
Ind. Wrapped 1000 bars

.75oz Dial Completion 
Ind. Wrapped 1000 bars

3.1oz Ivory 
24/4pack bars per case

4.5oz Ivory
18/4pack bars per case

4.5oz Borax w/ Pumice 
Ind. Wrapped 48 bars

4.7oz Lava w/ Pumice 
Ind. Wrapped 48 bars

Pump Soaps
Dial Antibacterial
16oz Pump 

7.5oz Pump 

Instant Hand Sanitizers
Purell Hand Sanitizer
800ml Box

Kimberly Clark 
8oz Pump

Clorox Spray 
500ml Bottle

2 Liter Bottle

1 gallon of Lavender Dreams foaming hand soap is equal to almost 5 of the 800ml bag soaps, which is a savings of 50% over bag cartridges
Icy Clean
16oz / 32oz

Dial Gold
per pack
Bulk Lotion or Foam Soap 
Dial Gold Antibac           Gojo Green Cert.      
Lotion Soap                   Lotion Soap                                    
4/1gal per case              4/1gal per case                    
Softsoap Foam Whipped French Vanilla
7.5oz Pump
Dial Foam Antibacterial
18oz Pump 

Pure & Natural
98% natural orgin, biodegradeable formular. Cleansing rosemary & mint. Hypo-allergenic. Recyclable packaging, paraben free.
8.4oz Pump
Clorox Spray
2oz Bottle
Purell Wipes
per Canister
Purell Wipes
Individually Wrapped
1000 Bulk case
10/100 Box
Purell Hand Sanitizer 800ml Dispenser
Purell and Clorox UNAVAILABLE at this time 
Soft Soap and Dial UNAVAILABLE at this time 
800ml or 1000ml UNAVAILABLE at this time 
Dial and Gojo UNAVAILABLE 
at this time